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What is the healthiest cutting board to use?

Nobody likes dirty dishes, or even worse, cutting boards.

So, let's cut to the chase & discuss the healthiest option when it comes to cutting boards.

Hardwood, The Most Sanitary Option

When it comes to the healthiest cutting boards, many experts agree that hardwoods are the best option.

Hardwoods are resistant to bacteria and remain sanitary, making them a safe choice for food preparation.

Furthermore, hardwoods are durable and long lasting, making them a wise investment in your kitchen.

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The reason they're the healthier option is that they're naturally anti-microbial, making them an ideal surface for the use of cutting boards, butcher blocks, charcuterie boards, etc.

A Brief Lesson In History

All cutting boards used to be made out of wood, but plastic was introduced into the market as a cheaper option, allowing companies (and people) to cut corners and save costs.

However, there are inevitable drawbacks that take place when choosing the cheap route, & one of them is that it may not be as sanitary as the surface of a cutting board constructed from hardwood.

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