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"My Grandfather was a carpenter. He would create cedar chests, toys, play-cars, jewelry boxes, and other odd things for his grandkids; He even built his own house! For me; really, it runs in the blood. Although; my dad was a mechanic, I think that's where I get my passion for the tools I work with."

Older now and woodworking allows me to stay home to spend more time with my family. If I can provide for my home and family; while doing something I love, then that's what I want.

Woodworking has its perks too. I can work in the middle of the night and kind of fall into a rhythm. I'll grab a piece of wood, then transform it, and right before my eyes, I've made something that can become part of my client's life; part of their story, and their family.

Seeing a customer's reaction to their finished piece –Takes me out of the control of time, and for a brief moment, everything slips away. There's a memory being made, there's a tangible piece that becomes a part of who they are; forever.

I make things for my clients because I sleep better at night knowing I've contributed to the world.

"Each piece of Todd's Woodwork is crafted from only the finest, always RAW & DRY wood, then matte-coated using time-tested family techniques for extraordinary durability."

-Owner and Chief Woodworker,
Todd Thomas

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