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Walnut Cutting Boards

Walnut is among the list of hardwoods that make for an excellent cutting board. Our walnut cutting boards are handcrafted to be durable & compatible with knives of all varieties & sizes. 


Due to its ratings on the Janka hardness test, Walnut can endure a significant amount of pressure/force. Consequently, it's highly popular among kitchen households. 

Walnut End Grain Cutting Board

End Grain designs are perfect for cutting boards & butcher blocks because of their ability to withstand a tremendous amount of force.


They're also relatively immune to scarring, for both the board & the knife.

This makes them an excellent choice for end grain boards sure to last a lifetime if properly taken care of!

Custom Walnut Boards

Our Walnut End Grain Cutting Boards can be custom ordered & they also make for the perfect gift! 


At Todd's Fine Woodworking we use Walnut in a lot of our custom orders. 


We'd be happy to create a custom product(s) for you, your customers, or promotional offerings. 

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