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Oak Cutting Boards

Todd's Oak Cutting Boards are handcrafted with premium oak. Oak is a tight-grain hardwood which makes it more than ideal for the creation of premium cutting boards. Each one of our cutting boards is a work of art that's been handcrafted to perfection.

Todd's Red Oak Cutting Boards

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Able to endure the sharpness & force of any knife you can wield.

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Made with the highest quality oak sourced from around the world.

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Guaranteed to enhance the arsenal of your kitchen equipment.

Our Kitchen Boards

Todd's Finest Woods

Todd is the brain & the hands behind our handcrafted woodwork. He creates some of the finest kitchen products out of wood varietals. Red Oak is one of his favorite types of woods to work with because of its aesthetic & durability. We're sure that you'll love your oak cutting board!

*These items also make for excellent gifts & promotional items*

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